Inspire. Honor. Community.

Inspire lives by supporting special programs that enrich.

Honor your loved one with a gift that serves others.

Strengthen community by providing local residents with essential needs.

Growing courage into the lives of patients, caregivers and families.

Truevine Family Foundation, Inc. has been established to provide financial assistance for patients/families who are in need of life essentials, as well as to provide supplemental programming for hospice and home health patients and their families through our special Branching out programs.

Our Story

One day we received an unsolicited, and most unexpected, donation of $25 from a patient's family.  This was a family who was truly in financial need themselves. They appreciated our care and wanted to give back to those who might have a greater need.  Not sure how to handle this donation, we put it into the volunteer program budget.  After we received several more of these “thank-yous”, it was clear people appreciated our service, and that we were meant to take further steps to make the circle complete. After all, that's why we started our company in the first place. . . to do good for others and to offer a benefit to our community. Several of our adventurous staff members have jumped on the bandwagon and have volunteered their time to work for this cause as well.


We are governed by a board of voluntary directors. Our directors do not receive payment through the TrueVine Family Foundation.  



Applicants must be current patients or designated caregivers of current or previous patients of Truevine Healthcare, LLC.  The support will be capped at $250.00 per patient/family and the grants can be used for various bills such as utilities, food, home and car repairs, one time partial or complete rental payment, travel, and/or clothing.  Food may be provided directly by the Foundation and services such as repairs may be paid directly to the provider on behalf of the patient or family.  

Our social workers assist families in applying for our grants as well as accessing many other community resources. 

Grant Application