Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that our hospice patient Services are brought to you by our sister company, Heavenly Hospice of Oklahoma.

How long will it take for services to start? 
Admission and a plan of care can usually be developed that same day or the next and services can begin immediately.

How is TrueVine Hospice different from other hospices?
We are committed to the highest quality care customized to our individual patients, and we are held accountable to the highest standards of Medicare and The Joint Commission. We also hold ourselves accountable to you. Our team has many years of specialized hospice experience. Our territory covers more rural towns than some Oklahoma City based hospices. We offer programs that help you focus on life and living fully.

Do I need to buy special equipment or rearrange things in my home before hospice care begins?
No. The hospice team will assess your needs at home, recommend any necessary equipment, and make arrangements to obtain it. Equipment such as wheelchairs, oxygen and hospital beds are covered by the Medicare hospice benefit and many insurance plans. Our team will also assess your home for fall risks and other types of safety concerns and make recommendations.

How much does hospice care cost?
The patient and family will not be billed or pay out of pocket for hospice care costs. Medicare and some insurance plans cover hospice services.

Is hospice a place?
Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on maintaining the comfort and dignity of the patient, offering choices, and supporting the family. Many patients are served in their own homes, but many others are cared for in long-term care facilities (assisted living, nursing home, etc). Hospice serves the patient wherever they call ‘home’. Some communities do have hospice ‘houses’ or inpatient facilities where hospice care is administered in a comfortable setting when home care is not possible.

What if I start on hospice care, and then show signs of recovery? 
Sometimes a person’s health improves or their illness goes into remission. You and your doctor may feel that you no longer need hospice care. You can be discharged from hospice care and resume your regular treatment. If you are eligible, you can go back to hospice care at any time.

Does hospice slow down or speed up dying?
Neither. Hospice can make this part of life’s journey less painful, less stressful for patients, families, and caregivers and more of a ‘life transition’ for many families, but hospice does not have control over the process of death or the timing. Healthcare professionals can lend us skill and support during pregnancy and birth, childhood, adulthood, as well as during the dying phase of our lives.

Will hospice manage my pain?
Most patients can attain an acceptable level of comfort with a combination of medications, spiritual and emotional counseling, various therapies, and the support of caregivers and hospice team members.

Will my doctor still be my doctor once I am on hospice care?
The hospice team is there to supplement, not replace, the care with the patient’s attending physician. We do have medical directors available to help patients who do not have their own doctor or who need home visits.