It's a respect for life and dignity. . .

June is a time for celebrating nursing assistants: those who serve with such love and skill and so often seem to be energized by caregiving, which, honestly, can be very frustrating and exhausting work.

Betty woke up early to her passion and profession as a Certified Home Health Aide and finds much joy in helping patients be their best. She shared some of her story with us here:

 Top 3 about Ms. B.

  1. During my childhood, my grandparents lived with my family. As young as 3 years old, I was involved in their care. My first real job was at a nursing home. They couldn’t really hire me until I was 16, so until then, I was there almost every day volunteering and doing anything they'd let me. I used money I made babysitting to buy a white uniform and shoes. 7 a.m. on my 16th Birthday, I was at the door waiting and they hired me!

  2. Every one of my patients have been special. I have learned something from each experience. I hope that I have brought something into others’ lives to brighten their day. I really enjoy making people smile, laugh. A number of years ago, my husband died of cancer. I didn’t know a lot about hospice during that time. I also had the opportunity to bring my mother into my home for care and we used hospice. It was a very different caregiving experience having the support of hospice. I have always worked as a caregiver in one fashion or another. But I knew then that taking care of the ill and elderly in their homes was what I wanted to do.  

  3. I’ve learned to groom my five schnauzers myself! 

  4. (Okay, top 4)  I feel that I am appreciated and respected at my job. I am encouraged by all within our company. As a team it is rewarding to provide care, compassion, respect to our patients and their families. It's a respect for life and dignity of our patients and you become not only friends but family.

Betty Minson, TrueVine Certified Home Health Aide

My fur kids! I do have a human family too, but these kids don't leave home and require a lot more grooming.

My fur kids! I do have a human family too, but these kids don't leave home and require a lot more grooming.