Checkin’ up on the “men of steel”

As June continues and Father’s Day grows near, many of us may have fathers on our minds. The one thing we wish for every dad is to remain healthy and active so that they, and we, are able to enjoy many more Father’s Days ahead. This is what’s prompted us to take a look at one problem that some men face throughout their lives... taking the time to have “well visits” or checkups from the doctor before serious health problems arise.

When it comes to men heading to the doctor there’s sometimes one major problem with their psyche: they have to admit they aren’t Superman. Some men don’t want to admit that there’s something wrong. They have to be strong and sturdy and “masculine.” In doing this, they may miss out on essential checkups that could save them grief in the future, or even save their lives. This Superman concept pushes some to think that they can manage with whatever is ailing them, or what could ail them in the future, instead of getting checked out. 

With National Men’s Health Week (June 15th-21st) approaching just as quickly as Father’s Day itself, don’t let the men in your life procrastinate going to the doctor; just as you might while trying to find a last minute gift. Okay, so he’s going to get another neck tie. It’s from you; he’ll love it! Take care of your health and of the men in your life this holiday. Give us a call at 405-253-4413 for more information on how home health care might be appropriate for an individual in your life.