A Night of Remembrance...

Was a night to remember.

We are so happy to say that the Night of Remembrance event was amazing. We had a few attendees come up to staff at the end of the night to thank us for providing them with an event specifically designed for honoring loved ones, which was exactly our intended goal for the Night of Remembrance.

Everyone who attended understood that the Night of Remembrance wasn't meant to dissipate our emotions for lost loved ones around the holidays, but instead to provide a place for them remember their loved ones in a controlled environment. There, they were able to decide how they wanted to remember the ones they lost, whether it was through laughing, crying or simply through moments of silence and reflection.

The volunteer trio played beautiful Christmas tunes throughout the event. As well, our Heavenly trio made their amazing debut with a phenomenal rendition of Amazing Grace.

Our part of the event was the 4-candle lighting ceremony. Billy Mitchell led the attendees through the ceremony by lighting one candle for grief, one for courage, one for memories, and the last for our love. After this, we all lit our own candles for the loved ones that we each have lost. The light is still there, but the love is not gone.