American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacists Month, designated as a reminder that you can and should talk with your pharmacist about your own medications. Since TrueVine Healthcare has worked closely with locally-owned Comfort Care Pharmacy, we invited Tina Yoon Joo Lee, PharmD, CGP to be in the spotlight and educate us on her career.

Tina: Comfort Care is a locally owned pharmacy dedicated to serving hospice patients. Our pharmacy staff works closely with hospice nurses and physicians to ensure the best care is provided to our patients. Our pharmacists provide consultations on pharmacologic and pharmacoeconomic choices to manage end of life symptoms on a daily basis, while also ensuring that medications are dispensed accurately. Compounded medications are readily available to meet patients’ individual needs.

TV: Please explain how Comfort Care Pharmacy differs from a regular retail pharmacy.

Tina: We are a closed-door pharmacy, so there is no public access. Pharmacy laws are also different for hospice pharmacies. Since there is no public access, our friendly drivers deliver medications out to patients’ homes, nursing homes or any other place of residence on a daily basis. Our pharmacists and drivers also work on call after hours to provide 24-hour care.

TV: We appreciate your caring and dedicated delivery staff. Now, how did you personally become interested in a career in pharmacy?

Tina: My major in college was botany. When I learned about biodiversity and drug discovery from natural products, I found myself researching careers in the pharmaceutical sciences. While my interests stemmed from studying drugs on the molecular level, I also really enjoyed being involved in our community by serving people and volunteering. I always knew I would pursue a career in the health field. By combining my interests in plant chemistry, health, and serving our community, I decided on a career in the profession of pharmacy.

TV: And we’re glad you did! What’s your favorite thing to do when not working?

Tina: I enjoy spending time with my family and my puppy. I try to stay active by playing golf and rock climbing when the weather permits. I have also subscribed to a meal-prep service, which has provided me with an opportunity to cook more (and to learn how to cook!)

TV: Thank you so much Tina and Comfort Care Pharmacy for the professionalism you offer our hospice staff, patients and families.